Increase number of builds at the same time?

Hey guys!

I had asked for this before but I cannot seem to find my post.
I would like to bring this request back, especially now that after the v5 we "struggle" to update apps fast.
I had described why a 3rd build is needed, and I will explain again.

When I need to update, lets say a radio app, the process is:
Make a No Ads Version - check the problems and correct them.
Make Corrected No Ads Version - wait 10mins - Make GP version - wait 10mins - Make Amazon version - wait 10mins - Make Samsung version.

I have more than 200 apps to update so you get the problem :)

If the server can handle it, would you consider adding another build or decrease the time needed between them?
Maybe run a test for a day by adding it and check how the server responds?
Maybe you can even set the 3rd build to ON-OFF status, whenever there is high traffic you only allow 2 builds, whenever there is low traffic allow a 3rd one?

PS - There might be a problem with your email servers - I do not receive any email about the builds that have been finished for a week now.


  • @anteos - check your spam folder, and maybe also check that you still have the andromo emails whitelisted. If you're running lots of builds and/or your browser settings reset (e.g. from an options change after an update) the emails might have gotten labeled as spam.
  • @lorne The messages are not in spam and the account has not been blacklisted. I do run many builds (more than 80 yesterday) and no email.
    Maybe others here can confirm if they are receiving or not. Just in case it matters, the email is a Yahoo.
  • @anteos emails are working fine on our end. open a support ticket and I can look up the smtp logs for your email address.
  • @anteos I've been receiving build notices all week, and I just did a test build and received the email right away. You might want to check with yahoo mail as it sounds like an outage or issue at their end.
  • OK, I will do so.
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