Shoutcast issue

Has anyone noticed that a lot of radio stations have dropped off the Shoutcast directory and thus don't work with Andromo apps anymore?


  • I dropped Shoutcast after I almost got sued for using a niche radio from their directory. I've done my research, learned I would have lost a lot of money and dropped all Shoutcast apps. It is very unlikely you possess the proper licenses to songs used by radios listed in the shoutcast directory, let alone even to broadcast the radio stations listed there, so I'd advise the same.
  • szymon247 i really dont know which problems you have and which stations was a problem. I have radio apps over 3 years and never have a problem with radio stations or get sued or anything.

    And keithco I realize that too, many radio stations change streaming links these days.

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    ^ The fact that you have never had a problem doesn't mean it's ok. If someone does have a problem, it has a potential into turning huge and very expensive. It is illegal, best case is a copyright strike and a cease or desist, but it is easy money for the lawyers and copyright holders - they can charge you not only for every radio station, but for every song that your radio app has ever broadcasted, that is the law.
    The fact that there are hundreds of thousands other apps out there that violate copyrights and most haven't been caught doesn't make it legal or safe. It's like playing lottery where you have a large chance of winning small, and a small risk of losing big.
  • It's always important to check terms of use and license agreements. If you don't have permission to use something that does not belong to you, don't do it.
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