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I've built my Android apps and think that the next market should be iOS. I've looked at a couple of iOS appbuilders but I can't find one that makes apps as good looking as Andromo.

Do any of you use a good iOS appbuilder that you can recommend? 


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    For a while now I've been hoping Andromo would become big enough to consider also iOS app building. I still have such dreams for the future :D
    As far as I checked, there's nothing as simple as Andromo, although most other app builders offer both, Andromo and iOS app making, making it their biggest advantage as it's easy to port your app from Android to iOS. With Andromo there's no such way.
  • "Cross platform" means compromises. That's why those other app makers generate HTML based hosted apps. Basically fancy websites. Andromo generates real Java source code that is compiled with the official Android SDK. Much more complicated, but much better apps. No plans to do the same for iOS. Android keeps us more than busy!
  • Let me also add that Apple recently started to reject all apps made with online app builders. So as things stand, you should forget making iOS apps if you are not a qualified in coding your own app from scratch.
  • Looks like I'll have to build a HTML based app then. Got some experience in HTML. Looks like PhoneGap can help me packing it.
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