PLEASE add native ads and reward videos to ANDROMO


 I have raised this issue before and I can.t believe we are still on this issue in September 2017. Andromo team please we your customers need to earn from our the time and energy we invest in making our apps. 
This is 2017 and no one clicks on banner ads. and people tend to uninstall apps with interstitial as soon as they download it because it is annoying. also, the android market is only surviving on ads cause very little sales are made. 

that's why I've been asking the team for native ads and video ads but no response. I'm not earning using andromo and I believe many of your customers will agree with me. for example, my app is a high retention app and gets 1000s of impressions daily but my RPM is $0.06 because no one is clicking on the ads.

so please make it your priority to update your monetization options so your customers can benefit too.



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    We have already begun work on support for native ads, but it isn't something that can be integrated as easily as you might think. Because of current limitations in how native ads are configured, there are a number of technical hurdles to solve. (It might be different if Advanced Native Ads were available, but those are still in closed beta.)

    Please be patient. It isn't a matter of just "flip a switch" and you've got native ads.

    This is something we definitely intend to offer, and we will offer it as soon as we are able to.

    P.S. although we always welcome suggestions from our users, repeatedly asking for the same thing and prodding us for a response is counter productive; it inhibits our ability to actually do the work required to implement new features.

  • Thank you for your kind reply. i was just unhappy with the current performance of my apps. i understand that its not easy and i hope you and your team are able to implement new measures of monetizing our apps.
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