Interstitial Ad Timing to Maximize Revenue

Has anyone done any testing to determine the best use of Interstitial Ads?

I had been using the default setting when building my app but got a lot of negative reviews on Google Play. People didn't like how intrusive they were. 

So I rebuilt my app having interstitials every 10 minutes and had the ad wait until user activity.

My negative reviews have gotten better but my revenue has gone down.

Just trying to find the balance between user experience and revenue.



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    I don't think there's such balance with interstitials, especially as people got used to rewarded videos, where they get something for watching one being the only justification. While previously it was "just" a cardinal sin against user experience, now getting one out of nowhere feels like they're being outright ripped off.
    I am not using interstitials as the backlash that they generate and sinkage of my app in search results, as well as drastic lowering of perceived app quality are not worth the short term money at all. You can try activating one "after a few interactions" and make them appear every 5 minutes or so, but then you still will get the occasional critical reviews AND you would likely make less money than on banner ads. I don't think there's a reasonable way of integrating random pop-up ads without ruining an app these days.

    Unfortunately, the monetization battlefield moved away from what Andromo currently supports, also past native ads and now it's all about rewarded ads and in-app-purchases. By now even the least tech savvy learned to ignore banner ads too.
    I made a custom app with a different platform supporting in-app-purchases and with less than 1/50 of the downloads that my top Andromo app gets it is making me significantly more money.
  • Do you all use "Require several interactions before showing an interstitial ad" option for interstitial? Is some difference in revenue with that option checked?
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    The biggest advantage is less negative reviews from people who got greeted by an ad and uninstalled your app.

    The revenue differences mostly depend on how many activities your app has, and whether the person stays long enough to get the interstitial ad displayed. If you have a lot of activities and you know most users will stay to check them all out, it's surely better to have that option on. If not, you might risk and turn it off to guarantee that the ad will get displayed to everyone who installed the app, but you risk upsetting the user and getting negative rating/more uninstalls.
  • The only settings I've ever used are five minutes between interstitial's and the box underneath unchecked. I've never had any reviews complain about the ads.
  • anyone has good income using andromo?
  • What do you consider good income?
  • Some people make very little. Others make tens of thousands of $... Depends on the effort you put into your apps, the research you do on your market, some good timing and of course a bit of luck never hurts.
  • @zoomboxlabs..for me good income is where you can get sum of income in dollar n cents that can replace your full time job.
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    I am earning more than $200 a month, what you guys think? Is it good amount from one app?
  • I think $200/month on one app is great! Others might not think so. Once I can get 20-30 apps up and running I think I may be able to get to the $1000/month amount.
  • Later show us the admob screenshoot.. @zoomboxlabs ; what in you mind sometimes differ with the actual results
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