HTML Activity Not Working on Android 6.0

Been getting reports from my users that html activities have not been working on new devices like LG K4, Motorola Droid Turbo, and Samsungs (forgot the types). I think it's because of Android 6.0.
Any help? 


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    I test on a device running 6.0.1 daily, and I have never seen any issues with the html activity so far.

    FYI Android 6 isn't the latest version any more, since August 2017 the newest version is 8.0 ("Oreo"). Can you find out what actual versions the reports are related to?
  • These are some screenshots of the review. Actually it's not happening on all devices, only 4 reports (specifically related to html activity) out of 5000ish, but it bugs me.

    I've been asking them to sent me screenshots by email, but they didn't respond. I'll try to find a phone with same specifications as above and try it myself.
  • What exactly isn’t working?

    (You do realize that 4/5000 is 0.08%... Frankly that is an amazing testament to how well Andromo apps work in real life!)
  • I know Andromo is great. Been using it for a few months and it is indeed great :)

    Yes, you're right, it is 4 out of 5000, or equals to 0.08%. But as I said, those are the very specific reports that saying got problem with html activity (which is blank, only white screen with a little circle in the middle of it). And I don't want to bring the number of actual crash reports from play store console since it doesn't really matter to me nor brings any good to others. :)

    I don't think it's because the html code, because I've tested on several phones and some emulators, and many reviews saying they are satisfied of it.

    This is the screenshot from Coolpad model Fancy Pro:

    To reaffirm, I'm a very satisfied costumer of Andromo that having a minor problems from new phones (which I afraid will happens a lot in the near future). 
    Thanks :)
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