needing urls from extracted APK for IOS build

the urls are as;

href="andromo://website409551">url or website desc or title<

and i can not find location of where "andromo://website409551" is assigned the url

any guidance would be appreciate in locating!


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    Honestly? For real dude?
  • sure, what's so funny, other than my noobness

  • which s why most peeps use andromo, right?

  • rootin around in android studio, and i guess will find rewarding, i suppose
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    I’m curious as to why you think it’s acceptable to come into our house and then ask for help stealing our property?
  • why would you ask that of an andromo customer for years, working with another andromo customer, trying to develop and ios app, are you offended by my "stupid" question?  or ?  fail to understand where the "stealing" comes into play....   i am here asking for help, and that is all.....not looking too helpful up to this point. 
  • i am guessing that you indirectly answered my question, the "andromo://website409551" resides on external servers and not resident in the APK... hmm, doubtful
  • ok, just close the question, i will get with the person, my client who i referred to andromo, and have them go into androm and provide the url's to me directly, just did not want to go that route but with lack of any credible guidance, it suffices.   
  • Ummm, yeah... Decompiling/reverse engineering Apps created with Andromo is a violation of our terms of use and registration agreement. It’s also morally wrong. You should rethink your approach. If your “friend” wants to tell you the web urls he is using in his App, then you should ask him.
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