how to add search option

how to add search option in my app.. i have a lot of content in my app and for looking for any specific topic , we have to go all way down to.. please help


  • or secondly, can i make paid app from andromo
  • What sort of content are you wanting to “search” for?

    Yes, You can make paid apps.
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    If someone open my app, once should go and search within the app for "custom pages" activity content.

  • yes, "absorder"
    I m agree with you
  • If we have 100 activites then great thing is search option, if someone want to search something like radio station from activites
  • someone found the option to add a search button in my andromo application? I also have more than 100 activities
  • colinadams
    you can help us please, you need an internal search engine, we have many activities and a search engine would be ideal to find a quick activity
  • How about you describe exactly how that would work, so we can understand?
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    hi for example
    @colinadams @lorne

    I have an app with 100 activities


    then the person who uses my application to search for something specific must manually search down to find what you are looking for

    It would be excellent if android applications had the option to SEARCH between activities

    If a person writes ACTIVITY9 the search engine would go directly to the ACTIVITY9, will I explain?
  • do you understand?
  • So, you want someone to type the name of an activity into a search box (e.g. “Activity 9”) rather than just scrolling down to “Activity 9”? Unless you have like 500 activities in completely random order, it’s hard to imagine that being used. However, thanks for the suggestion. We will consider it in the future.
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    Yes, I have an app from a catalog that has more than 150 activities and the search option would be very helpful, thanks for answering
  • Hello Andromers
  • I have radio stations apps with 200+ radio stations inside, and someone want to listen "Love Radio" then user most scroll down and find it with search he can just type "Love Radio" and see activites with that name. I have same problem with recipes apps when user asking for search options to find recipes in app easier.
  • Serach option is very important one. Please  add....
  • yes its very important

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