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how to add search option

how to add search option in my app.. i have a lot of content in my app and for looking for any specific topic , we have to go all way down to.. please help


  • or secondly, can i make paid app from andromo

  • Create Your Own App with Andromo

  • What sort of content are you wanting to “search” for?

    Yes, You can make paid apps.
  • edited February 14
    If someone open my app, once should go and search within the app for "custom pages" activity content.

  • if someone has some HTML code to create an internal search engine for the page "custom pages" please share it. a greeting!
  • yes, "absorder"
    I m agree with you
  • If we have 100 activites then great thing is search option, if someone want to search something like radio station from activites
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