More than 30 applications but the profits are only $5! Daily

Hey, guys. =)

Are you having ideas for creating successful Android applications? :)

Because I have created more than 30 applications and
are now in Google Play but the profits are only $5! :'(

Do you have any solutions? :s

Because I've seen some people say they win more than $100 a day! :/

Sorry my English it's Bad :#

Thank you <3


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    What have you tried doing to spread the word about Your Apps so far? Yes, some people make tens of thousands of dollars on their apps! Others make nothing. The difference is a result of hard work, good ideas, promotion and of course some good luck. But it sounds like you are on the right track with trying out multiple ideas. Focus on the ones that have traction. Use those ideas to inspire your next idea. Spend time to tell others and promote your work. You have the tools and the will. Keep trying!
  • Thank you very much @colinadams

    I'm sure the music and photo apps can be a lot of money.
    But, you know, music and photo apps are quickly blocked. :s

    With the knowledge many of my applications have been blocked in these areas!
  • there are people who upload more than 100 apps in one account, and they have multiple google developer accounts, so the market is saturated, imagine someone who has 10 google accounts and each account has at least 100 apps, that means a single person has uploaded 1000 apps and they only make about $100 a day.
  • Every day New Apps are released that go on to be successful. Just making a lot of apps that nobody cares about is not a good strategy... It’s very tempting to say that “everything has been done” and then give up. People have been saying that forever though... Good ideas don’t grow on trees though. Do the heavy lifting and not the easy way out if you want to be successful.
  • @colinadams trust me people are making $100 or even more just with boring/unuseful apps created with Andromo, but they care only about the quantity not the quality, so they are flooding the market
  • As colin says its being creative, I make a decent income from my andromo apps, enough to cover my monthly mortgage payments.

  • how much is your monthly income from applications? 

    I just want to know it so I can work harder, because I'm really depressed.

    Are the applications you own from Andromo?

    I'm sorry about these questions, but I need a lot to find out. =)

    Sorry, my language is bad.

    thank you.
  • Perhaps you're making the wrong kind of apps? If they're being blocked that's a good sign that you should try something different. Try doing something original.
  • Well, since you know that 30 apps can make $5 every day so why not focus on creating more good quality apps?
    Even if one of your apps do good, it can make u a lot of money.
    Since you do not perform any marketing activity, apps will take some time to rank naturally.  Make sure your app icons, screenshots , description are good .
    These things will help you in getting more downloads.
  • I make hundreds of pounds every month all of my apps are from andromo... in fact I have better success with andromo than creating my own apps from scratch
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