My New Apps done on Andromo

Hi Friends,

Am new to Andromo. Recently joined.
Here are some apps I've published on the Google play:
  1. Healing Crystals  -
  2. Office Yoga - Effective Poses -
  3. Vivekananda Quotes -
  4. How to write Short stories -
  5. Mundaka Upanishad -

Let me know, how you liked it. Any suggestions - please do. It'll be of great help.



  • i think it is not advisable to share your playstore link for public.  you are inviting people and easier for your store to be banned.
  • edited April 2018
    @chempaka so what is the purpose of the "share link button in the Google App store " of your app if you will not be able to share it on public. The only thing that is not advisable is to tell the people who downloaded your app to click the "Ads in the App"
  • @social_juanits not advisable to share the link here. anybody can bomb click to our admob ads.
  • @chempaka Honestly, if you are afraid of spreading the word about your apps, then I don’t know what you are doing... more users means a more successful app dude! We don’t allow anyone to post links here, only links to GP and Amazon for apps made with Andromo.
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