Too slow building the apps?

Hey guys,

It looks like for the last 2 days we have uncommon delays in the build process. It is more than 40 minutes since I ordered a build and it still is not ready. Yesterday around this time things were similar, so is there a particular reason?

Sadly these delays coincide with my need to update many apps, and judging by the fact that I need 6 builds for each app, this means my whole day I get stuck checking the screen and waiting :(


  • Sounds like there was a real rush of build jobs at that time. Right now build queue delays are essentially zero...
  • OK glad to see it just might be I tend to build when others build apps too.
    Thanks for letting me know!
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    Looks like times between GMT 7am and GMT 12am are now ultra heavy for the build server. I have always been working with andromo at these times and never ever in 3 years had this much of a problem. 40-45mins for each build...

    Can I please suggest again that if the build queue in the server is low, you can allow each user more build slots, like the right to build 3 apps at the same time instead of 2? This could make things better since some users would be convinced to work at different times if builds are faster. (I know I would)

    Of course I know it is not your fault if all users build at the same time, but this would convince some to move to less crowded times. Because at this moment I am hindered by this so much (and obviously the others who build at the same time as well).
  • Thanks for the feedback. It does sound like you are building at the busiest time of the day for sure. The average wait time is still 5-10 minutes at most times, but we do occasionally get slammed...

    We have a new update planned for later next week hopefully, and I’ll do some thinking on whether or not increasing the queue limit would help or hinder those peek demand periods...
  • Thanks Colin for taking it into consideration!
  • Done. We will try this out for a while and see if it helps.
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    Oh that's excellent, thanks Colin!

    I regret I asked for this now.
    You increased the time between builds, and only added 2 extra builds for Professional Plan. The starters are doomed.
    I am in a very old plan which I do not know if it benefits from this yet (will find out later when I start preparing my apps updates). But if it doesn't, this will make the situation so much worse that I will have to skip updates to simply manage to get done by working everyday with normal human times.

    I wouldn't have posted if I had known this would be your approach.
    Oh well, I hope you reconsider.
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    Cannot edit the previous post.
    For me, subscriber since 2014 on very old subscription which is for unlimited apps but without the right to change package name to anything you want, I cannot build more than 2 at the same time.
    I guess the subscription is not considered Professional.
    So feel a bit like hitting my head on the wall because I asked for an improvement and got for myself a bigger disadvantage.
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