Google Play and Advertisement

Google Play has rejected several of my updates for apps that are all G rated for everyone to view but Google Play folks say the advertisements are not G rated. What the ???? The ads are served by Google themselves through AdMod. 

Any suggestions? 

Do I just re-rate the app for an older age group such as teen even though I have no idea what advertisement they are looking at since AdMod ads rotate continuously and very rarely duplicate?


  • They do not care if it's Google itself that served the ads. It will not cover you up in case of a banned app due to advertisements.
    You can try increase the age setup and there must be some way to block categories of ads in admob (but I do not recall how).

  • Look for the item called "Blocking Controls" in AdMob which is available globally and per-app. You can use that to control what types of ads are allowed in your app.
  • Also, keep in mind the G rating is *very* strict and comes with a lot of responsibilities... Unkess you are creating an app designed strictly for children, that G rating may not be your best choice.
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