Any update on the music play Save as Ringtone feature

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Any update on the music play Save as Ringtone feature?


  • We were hoping to upload the new Audio features this week but ran into some unexpected delays. It should be available early next week.
  • I have read that there have been 2 updates to the soundboard/audio activity. on the main site under the features/sourndboard there is written : set as ringtone is avaiable. Now my Question on this:

    Did it really happen ?
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    The ringtone feature hasn't been enabled yet...I don't think you were supposed to spot that alt text on the features page. ;)

    There are some changes we're making to Andromo that have delayed the audio release a bit further. Sorry for the delays, but hopefully the new changes will make up for it. Stay tuned!
  • Oh man !!!!!!  =((
  • Mhm today Andromo 2.0 should be launched. is it with or without the set as ringtone feature? I just waited 5 months to get this thing done and was happy that it will be done but now it is delayed already 2-3 months and seriously i am a bit displeased that nothing happened till today, except a new payment model. The customers ask from the first apperance of my Apps for the "Set as ringtone/notification"-feature and i always delayed them too, cause i wait for you to set it up. I wrote about this thing to the support in January and now it is nearly july and nothing happened. So nearly 6 months passed by and i have seen many other things happen but not the feature some really need. So please tell us when definatly will be this feature available, so that i can start to plan updates and new Apps in this category, without spending money for waiting?
  • Yes I agree with blean, coz I've been waiting to update my app with this feature. And still not a sign of it. And if you put it in the $499 category that won't be fair on the members that have been waiting patiently for it.
  • Wow a little demanding arnt we now? Calm down a bit. Im sure andromo wants to make a A+ service here, and they have done just that. But give them time to prioritize things and take time to work on it. Be honest, If we wanted a android app with all the bells, whistles and features we wanted then we would have had a custom android development company do it for $6000+ and 4 months. But for the price and all the features we get its a STEAL of a deal.
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    To be honest I'm a bit hesitant to reply, there have been so many times
    we've sincerely thought we would be releasing the new audio features
    "very soon" and it still isn't available. That really sucks. :|

    I'm hopeful that it can be released in the next 2-3 days, though. The set as ringtone feature is ready, in fact the code is already in place, you just need a way to turn it on -- which is entirely a website/database issue at this point. As you can imagine, our web coder has had his hands full with the transition to 2.0. It's pretty amazing that this stuff is all done by one (incredibly talented) guy. There's a lot of advanced stuff that happens behind the scenes to make the site perform well and be rock-solid and secure.

    Since we had users who were anxiously waiting on 2.0 to release their apps we felt it was important to get 2.0 tested and released as soon as we could, and then follow up with the new audio features right after.

    In retrospect, we should have planned to launch the ringtone feature separately, so it wouldn't be held up by the other new audio features (playlist support, SHOUTcast metadata parsing, podcast support, etc.). Based on our estimates for completing those features it seemed reasonable to release them all at the same time, but we ran into several unexpected delays.

    The whole team has worked very hard but as the primary coder on the audio stuff I'm largely responsible for the delays, so I hope you accept my apology when I say I'm sorry it has taken this long.

  • Thanks for updating, at least we are aware of the troubles now.
    linuxnut79 - It's nothing to do with you.
  • Well seriously, even though the price offer is too good to be true, this Save As Ringtone feature is critical in my decision making to subscribe. Possible to extend current user offer from 30 June to until the feature is out ... You know it is a shitty feeling when every time you update your blog and I am looking for the Save As Ringtone feature, only to find there is none.
  • The save as ringtone feature is up!

    (And the new Radio and Podcast activities are, too.)
  • Wow... thanks guys you are truly amazing !!!!!!
  • I clicked on "it's alive!" and got an

    Not Found, Error 404

  • Is the SHARE THIS in the ringtones suppose to email the actual mp3 or only just send a sms message?
  • The Share can't send the actual MP3. Just a message to let people know. You wouldn't want everyone using your app to just email your data around...
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