Did Andromo leave footprints?

If I use Professional package at 3 Google Play accounts with different package names and if one GP account got ban will Google connect my apps at other 2 accounts with first one? I know what is possible with some other builders and with Android Studio apps, but I dont know if that is possible with Andromo?


  • Footprints? Listen carefully, if you think Google doesn’t know you created multiple Play accounts for some reason, you are kidding yourself. Their entire business is built on tracking what you do, no matter how you do it. Since you are even asking this question, it means you don’t know enough to “outsmart” Google. My advice is don’t break their rules and you won’t need to worry.
  • You can open 10 Google developer accounts at 10 different names and that is ok with Google rules. NOT MULTIPLE accounts, 10 accoutns at 10 real persons. From some experience I KNOW that Google can connect account with same builder even if other 9 accounts have different apps and WHITEHAT of course and if only ONE account get ban because 3 strikes rules then all 9 which have apps from same builder can be connected and banned too. So you dont know if Andromo leave footprints?
  • I have sutuation where I lost 3 accounts because Seattle Cloud builder leave some kind of footprint, I got 3 apps suspended at one accoutn and google ban other two which are opened at my sister and one friend and both account have apps and receive payment over a year but google connect them and ban with multiple account message and believe me only connection was SC because all that apps have same account at SC reseller and all are made at that reseller acc.
  • I don’t know how to be more clear. Google knows all of your developer accounts... you can’t fool them. You can build your apps any way you want, with any tool, compiler, method etc. If you have repeatedly violated Google Play policies to the point that they stop warning you and actually ban your account, they will connect the dots. Read their policies. Don’t violate them. It’s not that difficult to be compliant - mostly it’s common sense. Be happy.
  • aleksej015

    What is the reason on email? "Multiple Account Detected"?
  • Yeah something like that, but yes multiple accounts. And as I said only connection between account was that SC reseller. I decide to buy new Andromo subscription for every new developer account which I open, just to be sure that apps will be separated.
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