Admob Interstitial Disable

can andromo create interstitial ads based on page shifts, not based on time. because if the interstitial service is based on the time often the admob party will disable our ad because it violates the admob rules. thanks.


  • Andromo only displays interstitial between activities. That’s what “interstitial” means. It does not pop them up over content just because the time has been reached. We take this stuff *very* seriously. It does not violate any AdMob rules at all.
  • OK, thank you, but many of my application's AdMob ads are disable for that reason (Interstitial ads appear suddenly), the time between my Ads sets 2 minutes at that time. Is there a solution for my application in setting ads in the future?
  • As Colin mentioned, interstitial ads are only shown in-between activities when navigating, which has been that way since 2015 and follows AdMob's guidelines:

    So either the app was created prior to that, or that's not the issue AdMob has with your app.

  • Also, that 2 minute interval is likely to really result in a poor user experience, in my opinion...
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