Admob violation: drop down menus must not overlap ads

IT seems that when using the drop down mnu in music player/soundboard selections towards the bottom of the list may overlap the botom banner ad which is an admob  violation

HELP !!!

Violation explanation

ADS AND CONTENT OVERLAP: As stated in our program policies, publishers are not permitted to alter the behavior of AdMob ads in any way. This includes placing ads so that they cover any part of the application content or parts of an application covering any portion of the ads. If your app has drop-down menus they are not permitted to cover AdMob ads.

Action required: Please make changes immediately to your app to comply with AdMob program policies.


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    What drop down menu are you referring to? Andromo removed the activity drop down menu about a year and half ago when it moved to material design... Even still it didn’t cover up the bottom banner space though.
  • i can provide screenshots to show. its not consistent but when assigning a sound from the bottom of the list in a sound player activity, it sometimes partially covers the bottom banner ad. 
  • it is the menu used to assign siund/song to the phones ringtone, notification or alarm in sound player activity
  • Maybe send a support ticket with screenshots and have support take care of this issue.
    I cant understand anything without seeing which menu are u using or what is overlapping.
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