Facebook Audience Network Quality Check Issue

Hi Collin,
I have received an updated from Facebook Audience Network regarding the ads ( Banner & Interstitial )quality issue. Currently all my apps is under 'Failing' which mean my platform won't be able to continue monetizing if Andromo don't do the necessary thing.
I would appreciate if you can settle these issue ASAP. For more understanding you need to refer to below:-

Quality Check
Monitoring the quality of interactions with ads helps us maintain an advertising network that delivers value to publishers and advertisers.
Passing: your platform currently meets our quality requirements
Close to failing: your platform is close to failing our quality checks
Failing: your platform won't be able to continue monetizing

Improve Your Banner Placement Implementation

A banner is small ad that usually displays at the bottom of the screen.

Using native ads or rewarded video delivers a better ad experience for people using your app as click quality is normally higher for these formats than banners. The banner format can result in more accidental clicks than other formats as it stays on the screen for longer. Depending on your audience, consider exploring other formats such as native, interstitial and rewarded video.

Depending on your audience, it may make sense to explore other formats even if you app sessions between the breaks (e.g. levels of the game) are long - for example rewarded video or native ads.

In most cases the following the guidelines will result in click quality improvements, but they should be used at your discretion and applied in a way that makes sense for your audience.

Examples of poor locations for banners

  • The banner is next to app controls. If your app controls are at the bottom of the screen, consider moving the banner location to the top of the screen.
  • Clickable areas of the app are moving towards the banner. For example balloons to be popped in the game are floating to the top of the screen where the banner is located. In this case you may want to move the banner to the bottom..
  • Keep banner away from high-click areas of the screen

    • Banners ads change locations from screen to screen. For higher click quality, keep the banner in one location - either the top or bottom of the screen.

      Keep the banner in the same location

      Don't move the banner around

    • The banner placement is positioned on top of app content. Leave a separate space for the banner so people don't try to access the app content around the banner.

    • Banner placed between interface elements. Banners should either be on top or the bottom of the screen.

      Don't place banners between interface elements

    Example of poor timing

    The banner placement loads after the content, pushing it down. To avoid accidental clicks, make sure the banner loads at the same time as the app content.Load banner and content at the same time

    Don't load banner after content


  • Improve Your Interstitial Placement Implementation

    Interstitial ads are full screen ads that cover the whole interface of the product they feature in.

    They should be displayed at a natural transition point in your app, such as between activities or levels in your game. When an interstitial ad is shown, people can choose to either engage with the ad or close it and return to the app.

    When interstitials are shown too frequently, appear at unexpected times or are badly timed, the quality of the clicks in your app will drop. Interstitials shouldn't be shown when people are expecting app content as this will lead to low quality clicks. As a general rule, showing interstitials after content or engagement with your app should result in better quality clicks.

    The list below provides some of the most common reasons for poor interstitial ad implementation and considerations to make improvements. The following the guidelines will in most cases result in click quality improvements, but they should be used at your discretion and applied in a way that makes sense for your audience.

    Examples of bad interstitial timing

    • The interstitial ad is shown when people are clicking a lot within your game or when they're not expecting it. For example, showing an ad at the beginning of a level when they're about to click a start button or showing an ad when someone is about to save their progress in your game. Avoid showing ads at points where people are likely to click within your app.

      Show ads during pauses and make it easy to close the ad

      Don't show ads when people are about to click in your app

    • The interstitial ad is shown when someone has chosen not to use the app, for example quitting or minimizing. Ads shown when someone quits an app are likely to result in low quality clicks.

      Don't show ads when people have quit or minimized your app

    • The interstitial is shown before the app loads. For example, showing an ad before the app logos are even shown. It's best to wait until after the app loads and there has been some activity before showing an interstitial ad.

      Show ads after people engage with your app

      Don't show ads before your app loads

    • The interstitial is shown immediately after pressing a button such as Back, Forward or Next. For example, a player is choosing which level to play next, instead of seeing the options they're shown an ad. For higher value clicks, it's better to show interstitial ads after an action has been completed, instead of between actions.

      Ad is shown after action is completed

      Ad is between actions

    • The interstitial is shown too frequently. For example, showing an interstitial between every level or restart in the game or showing more than 2 interstitial ads in a row when there's no player activity. It's important to keep players receptive to your ads and showing ads too frequently is likely to lead to low quality clicks.

      Ad is shown after every action

      2 ads are shown in a row

    • The interstitial is shown after a rewarded ad. Players typically expect to go back to the game after watching a rewarded video once they get their reward. Showing an interstitial at this point is likely to lead to low quality clicks.
    • The interstitial is shown after a person has rejected watching the rewarded video. If people are not receptive to watching an ad, showing an interstitial instead is likely to lead to low quality clicks.
  • Andromo already follows these guidelines. In what way does it not?
  • I really don't have any idea but why all my apps is still under Failing. 
    Please someone help me on these Facebook Audience Network Quality issue!!!
  • You will need to ask Facebook for the reason they are having problems with your account. The sdk implementation that andromo uses follows their guidelines, so perhaps they have a problem with your account in particular.
  • @bent9715 ; Did you read all notification in your panel ??
    Its said you need 70K impressions per app to maintain  monetization.

    Many of us here have the same problem , since many of us use FAN & ADmob.
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