Invalid clicking activity In my admob account

Last month i earned $191 in admob and after deduction for invalid clicking $175 credited in my account. Now this month i earned $185 and $26 deducted for invalid clicking... Its strange for me coz before 2 months this never happen with me. They always deduct $3-4 for invalid clicking.

After checking my account i found some mysterious things happen with my apps. some of my apps got clicks from china and impression is low and clicking is high and this is very strange for me because my apps are in Indian language then how can a chines person can use this app. 

now i m worried about my admob account because one of my friend already lost his admob account for invalid clicking reason but he was so genuine with his work.

I want to report invalid clicking activity in my account but i dont know ho to fill form.

plz help me @colinadams @anteos


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