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  • Can we add option for the user to switch between Material Light and Material Dark themes? Either by opening that up as an API that can be accessed or just as a flip switch that can be added in the default About activity?
  • @tbizzle01 Thank you for your suggestion.
    We will take this information to the future major upgrade.
  • douando estara lista la nueva plataforma de creacion de aplicacion de andromo?
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    @blancoynegro If we correctly understand your message, unfortunately, we can`t say to you about a concrete release date, but we are now working hard for the quickest release of the major update. All current news about updates, you can read here on the forum or in our accounts in all social networks.
  • Upload many images at the same time in gallery activity. Right now it allows only to upload images one by one and this is really time consuming for people trying to create image galleries in their apps. Best Regards
  • @arilk Thank you for your suggestion. 
    We know about this problem and we are now working hard for the release of the major update with this functionality.
  • When is the ETA for the major update? Can you give a rough date?
  • @tech_support You could add the option to delete activities more than one at a time, type check list, where we select which we do not want and we delete, as if it were our email tray. That would be very helpful, thank you.

    Note: When will we have the first big update?
  • @absordor Thank you for your suggestion. We will take this information to the future major upgrade.
    We can`t say to you about a concrete release date, but we are now working hard for the quickest release of the major update.
  • Hi. Can you share what new monetization partners you will be using?
  • @nickdavies100 Unfortunately no, at this moment. As soon as new information comes we will immediately let you know about it.
    Thanks for your patience.
  • Thanks for sharing such interesting application. It is worth sharing it further.

    I have been looking for such information for creating an application that helps to Compare Electricity Provider in Australia
  • Hi...I was using another App Builder before this. Andromo is an additional platform that I started using less than a month. I seems to like Andromo because I noticed that the published app is loading is very much faster than the one that I use previously.

    Anyway...the other app builder that I am using have the following features that Andromo doesn't have currently:-
    a) Quiz features
    b) forms features that user can send to admin
    c) Greetings cards maker
    d) Catalog for basic e-commerce feature
    e) email subscriber such as mailchimp or anything suitble
    f) padlock feature

    Perhaps there are a few more....but with the above additional features available, I will surely use Andromo forever...thank you
  • @tech_support can you please add chatting feature in the app activity. 
  •  @anoopvaish Thanks for your suggestion, we will add it to our feature list.
  • To support the app for android TV and android set top box devices.
    It would be very good,

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    Multiple uploads. so this feature can shorten the processing time. and Gallery Images Activities can use link images from the url. so later images will be stored in website hosting files or similar services. and not saved in the application (APK)

    Multiple Upload or Link Images on Photo Gallery Activities
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    Thank you for your suggestion. 
  • @andromoappmaker  I can't wait for this feature to come. because it can save time and reduce the capacity of the apk file. thanks for your response  <3
  • For audio activity;

    1. Users can create their own playlist or add to favourite.
    2. Listen to audio in offline mode (download and can only play within the app).
    3. Several users want to play only one track and stop without continuing to the next track.
  • @tech_support Multiple elimination of activities, please!
  • I would like to suggest something beyond the most of requests ... Looking forward and future of apps , I'm very interested into VR / AR area . 
     Is there possibility to add virtual reality app / augmented reality app builder as option ? At least something simplified to do ?

  • Add admob native ads please
  • We want an ability to upload photos into gallery not one by one but all together, multi select of photos when upload or drag and drop upload for multi image files. (50 photos at once for example).

    Thank you
  • Adding firebase online to make a app wallpapers, so we can reduce the size mb.

    Firebase API
  • Do you already know when the updates are going to be made? A lot Andromo apps are crashing at the audio part of the app. Google Play is not ranking with some codes on this website apps that crashes over 1%

  • @meghak This is a violation of google policy, you cannot create an ad application!

    I believe that 1 minute would be quite interesting!!?zippy_activeEl=made-for-ads#made-for-ads

  • Activity Search option required.

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