Interstitial Ads Back To 2 Mins Very Disappointing

The last 2 plus weeks I have updated my apps first time in 7 months because of Interstitial Ads had 15 seconds and 30 seconds options. Which was fantastic otherwise it was no point in building any more apps with Andromo. 

I updated 28 apps these last 2 plus weeks which is very time consuming. They all worked perfectly and just about to add another app and the option has gone it's back to 2 minutes.

Please correct this ASAP.

Without 15 seconds and 30 seconds options myself and many that use Andromo will stop building again. Very disapointing and no need to ask friends or family to join Andromo without Interstitial Ads being 15 seconds and 30 seconds options.


  • An interstitial ad every 15 seconds? Are you begging to get banned from the Play Store?
  • @atlas ; Either u have no idea what u are talking or u don't want to make more money with your apps. I use seattle clouds to create my apps and interstetial ads come after every activity even if you switch from 1 activity to another in 2 seconds or even 3 seconds. 

    Users should be provided with options to implement interstetial ads as they feel like be it 10 seconds or 20 seconds.

    PS: I make way more money from SC apps than from andromo apps.

  • Hi guys @meghak @tones702

    Now we offer 30s/60s interstitials as a part of Andromo Ads. Have you already enabled it for your apps? 
    Here is the detailed information in case you missed it:
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