Types of apps andromo can help develop.....like regular types or just limited.

hey can anyone help me, i love apps but never had the time to learn all about them, andromo seems like a good solution for me especially as an additional source of income. But I fear i wouldn't be able to design with a broad spectrum using andromo, does anyone know about the types of apps you can develop with the gold version thingy by andromo, if you read this i'm sure even though i don't really say it, you kinda know what i am talking about, and if you have an answer for me it will be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you


  • You have a good toolbox of activities to choose from. you can use manny of them as simply data display screens. Or, with some creative HTML you can get really sophisticated activities. However you are limited to some constraints with layouts and more custom editing. With my app i have a Events page that changes on a daily basis so i setup a apach server on my home computer and host a small html file that i edit and it loads very fast so it looks like its built into the app but its downloaded content. You can check it out on google play. Search for "wfmg" its a local radio station.
  • Hey chanman,

    I think linuxnut put it well. You can't make *any* app with Andromo - for that you need to turn to writing your app from scratch. Our goal is to give people lots of cool 'activities' that are useful in tons of different types of apps so that they can easily mix and match them. Then plug in the 'content' that makes an app really unique - all without having to write an app from scratch. Heck, even if you can write the app from scratch, Andromo can save months of work for many developers!

    Best to just jump in an try it out. Check out the Features page and the Activities page while editing your project...
  • linuxnut79, can you give more details about your setup, please. Is there a sample somewhere to look at?
  • Search google play for wfmg
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