Getting error message, "build failed" on all projects.

Anyone else seeing this problem? All of a sudden today I am getting a "build failed, see email" error everytime i try to build a project. It seems to be happening across all projects.


  • Same Problem with my apps. Whats is happening Andromo team???
  • Same Problem
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    this sucks i just signed up yesterday... they better reimburse me if im going to lose days like this. You guys should open tickets so it gets someones attention... I did, but more wouldn't hurt ;)
  • I submitted a ticket the minute it happened to me...........probably about four hours ago.
  • yeah, i have few hours deadline for a project, now it remembered not to work...
  • Same problem for me, just today. And also, I have a friend that wanted to sign up, and he got an error message "This email is not valid...." and it was a gmail account. I hope Andromo will help as ASAP.
  • here too. I tried to build since 6 hours ago and still error.
  • I can't build an application, I can't duplicate an activity. What's going on? Where can I get an answer?
  • having same issue too, hopefully andromo will provide solution.
  • Its almost midnight here in Philadelphia and its still not working. Im sure they will have it fixed by tomorrow morning sometime.
    Fingers crossed.
  • same issue too
  • still waiting to build since this morning. Loss for one day...........
  • @gppacana44 @EliboStudio @fabiooo @EditGrigorian @iEsperanza @CapingHitam @mafalda_gye @KizeeTech @Stephenypree @hahs We apologize for this problem, which has arisen. The cause of this issue was a third party SDK service crash, there was no problem from our side. We worked hard to resolve this as quickly as possible, at the moment everything should work properly. Thank you for your understanding, we apologize again for the inconvenience.
  • thanks for your quick response
  • @andromoappmaker It is worknig now. Yesterday I was not able to duplicate activities, neither build my apps. And also create new users accounts was not working properly too. A friend wanted to sign up but she couldn't. But now I noticed another problem, I builded one app and I see that admob ads don't appear. I want to create a new version of one of my apps, but if the banners and interticial ads don't appear, I prefer not to update it. Does anyone has the same problem like me?
  • @iEsperanza This is your local problem that just depends on the fill rate in your device at that moment.
  • @andromoappmaker Oh ok, thank you for your help. I see everything is working fine again. Now let's work hard to get more money. =)
  • I think we all have the same problem. How long should we wait? Please give us an accurate answer. Thank you. Blessings
  • Thanks Andromo. The problem has been fixed.
  • Thank you Andromo team.
  • @andromoappmaker I am getting the "build failed, see email" error when building projects again. Anyone else going through the same?
  • I can see we are experiencing elevated count of build failures right now.

    We're working on it.
  • We have fixed it, no more failed builds.
  • the same case happened today to my account

  • It might happen for legitimate reasons. Like, build failed.

    What happened a couple of days ago was a total failure of build subsystem for a brief moment.

  • I have opened all the menus and found no warnings of errors in my app.

    The description in the email also says make sure in the picture and outgoing links.

    then I tried to delete all the images that I used except the Icon and I did not use any links.

    but still the same, build failed.

  • @GooglePartners please build now and tell me your app name. I will be watching the build queue for errors and look into it once it fails.

  • I still failed to build my application.

    My application name is "Coins"

    please help to check the problem.

    I have contacted Andromo via e-mail since March 13, but there was no satisfactory answer, always saying it took more time to identify the problem.

    behind that the duration of my subscription is always decreasing every day.


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