Build failed. Check your email.

This service is unfortunate, they should solve this problem, it is more and more frequent, even worse when you open a ticket, they do not give you an answer, lousy service.


  • We're on it. It seems that this is a problem with some external resources (not andromo). We're working on fixing it ASAP.

  • @EgorEgorov, They say the same thing in the last weeks, the failure is more common, I wonder if they will give reimbursement for the many days of failure and it is lost for us andromo subscribers.

  • Fixed now. Please restart your builds.

  • @Blueprogramming we are constantly monitoring build failures and rest assured fixing it is the top priority for the team.

    There weren't any elevated build failure rates in the last weeks apart from this event and another event which was promptly resolved.

  • i have submitted 4 tickets on this issue and heard nothing back

    i am on a deadline and the app keeps failing to build any help appreciated my deadline is 22/08/22

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