Andromo Builder Down! :'(

@andromoappmaker, I don't see an announcement or an email about the scheduled maintenance.

Can you please communicate what's happening?



  • I sent this yesterday a few times and never went through Andromo support kept loading so that is why I am doing it here just in case it's happening to others.

    This was yesterdays message.

    (my email address)

    What is going on with my account. Have you stuffed up my account. 

    Monetization info has gone I need that info.

    It saids welcome to Andomo trial. I am a premium paid member.

    My account Full under edit profile saids (serkanisikan) who is serkanisikan.

    Under projects it mentions last modified 2 months ago. I haven't touched them this year. I need them to be in the order they where.

    I hope all the info I put into Andromo I get back as it was.

    Very disappointed.

    (My name)

    This is today's message also for some reason Andomo canceled my automatic payment which is in February 2021.

    Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation canceled your automatic payments

    You would of thought Andromo would of contacted everyone about these issues.

  • After 60 hours I still can't contact support. I was hoping this would be solved before easter.

    Uploading your support request... keeps loading and loading and doing nothing else. Have tried many times the last 60 hours.

  • @EgorEgorov or anyone at Andromo how do I contact support when it keeps loading without sending messages. Does anyone else have this issue plus my first comment issue.


  • @serkanisikan hello. I don't quite get what seems to be the problem. I can see your profile and I can understand why is trial started but this is your private data and so I can only discuss this with you via support, not on forums. Please drop us a note and please mention my name in support ticket so that I can personally assist you.

  • I am tones702 not serkanisikan someone changed it. I can't send message to support as mentioned a few times. Just tried still can't, keeps loading what part of that don't you understand @EgorEgorov

    How do I contact someone on Andromo that is my question without leaving my details here. It's being 72 hours of frustration.

  • @serkanisikan you can get in touch with support by emailing at

  • @EgorEgorov I just emailed support. I hope all is back as it was.

  • @serkanisikan yes, I am on it now.

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