How to cancel my subscription if I paid with a credit card?


I've sent a ticket to @andromoappmaker about this, but I wonder if anyone else knows this (I had to use the old design form - the redesigned form didn't work @EgorEgorov)

I find it a bit disturbing that there's no subscription canceling option. Or am I just not finding it?




  • Hey. Indeed there isn't. In the past we only had PayPal and suggested that the users go and cancel via PayPal. There is no such option for Stripe payments, so you need to get in touch with support to cancel payments.

    However this a feature that we plan to roll out tomorrow, so you'll be able to cancel without emailing to support. You'll see a link in your Account page.

  • This company is a scam. There is no option to unsubscribe from the monthly plan!

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