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Hi, this app maker looks great, I have just joined you and hope to develop some awesome apps to share with you.  Can you tell me if there are any design templates available?  I have also seen some app builders for the iPhone that seem very sleek, is there anything like that here on your app maker?  As I have said I have just joined and this app making is all new to me, regards Brian


  • Andromo is much more flexible than other app builders. Rather than start with a 'templates' or pre-made project, we have something much better!

    Andromo was designed so that you could make an app using simple building blocks that we call 'Activities'. We're making more of them all the time too!

    You can read about all of them here:

    There are things like RSS Feeds, YouTube Videos, Flickr Image Galleries, Maps, Websites, HTML Archives and even Audio for music players and soundboards.

    Good luck!
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