Do you want to get new monetization features right now?

Hello guys.

As many of you probably know we are in progress of delivery of big monetization update for Andromo. 

We need more testers!


* At least 10,000+ downloads

* Ads in your apps are showing up in different countries, not just in one dominant region

* Unique AdMob App IDs for your Apps

* You are willing to share your AdMob stats with us

What we will do: we will enable new monetization opportunities for your account and you will be able to use them right away. And we will watch how much better your App will begin performing. 

For you it's going to be a unique opportunity to get in touch with our core team and influence the direction Andromo is moving to.

Please email if your account does qualify.

For the rest: guys please hold on. We are in the final stages of testing and we will share the new features hopefully very, very soon. 


  • @EgorEgorov for admob stats, we share using screenshot?

  • @BuildCode rather csv so we can parse and analyze

  • ..
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    Done on screenshot, but will send again on csv @EgorEgorov

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    I waiting for your reply to my message for nearly two hours..I have 4 applications that have more than 10,000 downloads

  • looking forward to the new update

  • Don't get your hopes up, guys. The new "monetization features" are a splash screen and 30 second interstitial ads. It seriously took them over a month to implement something that could have been done in an hour. Remember when Andromo was purchased a year a half ago and all those promises about new features and monetization options were made? 18 months what do they have to show for it? A splash screen and a 30 second interstitial ad interval. Do you not realize our earnings would double overnight with native ads? Why are you wasting your time on a splash screen? What a joke.

  • are we getting upgrade for Appbrain SDK and Startapp SDK

  • @Altland we did our best to not overcomplicate things and present them as simple as possible. This is why you only see "splash screen and 30s". It's much more inside.

    Regarding native ads: we sure are very well aware of it and how much our developers want to get on board with native ads. I am not at liberty to tell you more, unfortunately.

    OTOH if you have material suggestions for us, I would love to hear it, seriously. If you want to share your thoughts privately - please get in touch with support and mention my name so that we get connected.

    (Guys, I do not enable your accounts for new monetization, please follow the instructions in order to get it)

  • @EgorEgorov please when are you guys going to update appbrain sdk.

  • what is Andromo's current discount code

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