Firebase question: difference between project and app?

When I go into firebase to create analytics for my apps, I'm not sure if I should have one project with multiple apps or multiple projects with one app in each? I tried doing one project with multiple apps but I was getting an error message when putting json file into andromo.

Can someone explain the difference to me and which is the preferred method.



  • Nobody has time to answer your question.

    They're too busy figuring out how to charge us more for their services.

    Maybe if you upgrade to a higher subscription they can be bothered to help you.

    Sorry I'm not helpful.

    I'm just upset with Andromo right now. 😭

    I take that back, I actually do know the answer to your question.

    The knowledge base article is very vague on that point.

    You'll need to do a separate firebase project for each app.

    Otherwise, you'll start getting weird error messages like the ones you're getting when you go to upload them.

    Seriously Andromo?

    You say you read every thing in this forum.

    Yet nobody has answered this question and it's almost been a week...

    Doesn't add up.

  • This is not a question for Andromo. Hope some users can share their experience with Firebase, though.

  • Andromo needs to make the Firebase tracking implementation the same way it worked with Analytics. It's been broken ever since they switched. It no longer shows actual activity names, which makes it completely useless. I opened a support case on this months ago, and they never did anything.

  • @TrevorH for me this looks like something to look into. We have completely rebuilt our support team recently, so could you please bring this up with support again? Please mention my name in ticket so it gets routed to me. Thanks.

  • I'll have to go through the trouble of taking screenshots again to explain exactly what the problem was. Right now, I've got bigger problems - my apps won't even build and nothing has changed other than choosing to exclude an existing activity. I'm still waiting to hear back form your support team on that.

  • @EgorEgorov I'm resubmitting it now.

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