How to benefit from the 21-day trial period Can you explain

How to benefit from the 21-day trial period

Can you explain


  • Basically:

    1. Enable splash screen
    2. Lower insterstitial delay time to 30 seconds
    3. Build & publish
    4. Enjoy the uptick in revenue

    Make sure your App is not a single large Activity but is rather split into multiple different activities. This is extremely important so that users do transition between different Activities rather than staying in one single.

    (All of this assuming you have got AdMob or other interstitial ads; otherwise there are no benefits from the trial)

  • This is ridiculous. If I follow these steps, I'll lose all my users. They don't want to open up with an ad or have a new one appear every 30 seconds!

    I guess this works great for spam apps that rely on constantly getting new users. I try to build quality apps with users that enjoy them long term.

  • @TrevorH Look, some Apps are just fine with 30s delay while for others even a two minute delay would be inappropriate. That's why we have settings and it's up to you to decide what's good for your users. In any case if you do monetize we suggest that you at least enable a short Splash screen. It won't hurt but it will raise the chance of loading an ad to show at the next opportunity.

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