andromo shame on you you didn't respect your agreements

this is your sayings:

Will my app continue to function after changing or cancelling the subscription?

  • Yes, cancelling your subscription plan does not affect the apps which you have already developed using Andromo. They will continue to function while you will continuously get 100% of the revenue if your app has been showing any ads even after expiration of subscription plan.

Do I need to have a subscription to make changes to my app?

  • You can edit your projects without the subscription plan, but you need to have an active subscription if you want to build a new app.*/


  • That's right, it is a shame. The old owners did not do this B.S they are doing now. They are running it into the ground. They don't know how to run a App business.

  • I guess they will just keep ignoring this questions or answering them without addressing the main points like they did with my questions so far.

    And then in a few months or even in a few weeks it will all be forgotten and things will just move on.

    It's a very shitty attitude since a legitimate terms of service agreement is legally binding between the parties who agree to it, and andromo is legally obligated to ensure the full functionality of all apps created before these new rules were introduced.

    But they don't care. They know it is very unlikely that any user will start a lawsuit. 

    Am I right @EgorEgorov?

  • Totally agree. I've been a Andromo user for a few years, paid in full for a year subscription only to have it cancelled by the new Andromo owners after 3 months where is my other 9 months that I paid for. When I question this with support I'm told I have to find the old owners and ask for a refund, pretty sure that's against consumer rights.

    Then I get an email saying that all my apps will be deleted after 6 months unless I pay again, how about you just give me the 9 months of subscription that you have ripped me off with..

  • Yes, God is not sleep, andromo have been violation TOS which he made himself

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