How much are you making?

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How much are you making?

I recently upgraded my plan so that i can show my admob ads at all time. My one app has about 200,000 installs w/ 65,000 active installs at this time. Before the upgrade Imade about $5-$8 per day, avging about $200/mth. Right now showing 100% ads i'm making about the same. According to admob i went from 10,000+ impressions a day to 40,000+ a day. Im not understanding how this is the case.

How much do you avg a day?
Total Installs?
Total active installs?
Impressions per day?


  • Nice what's your app name.
  • I think admob is saying some of your clicks are invalid. I was getting $1-$2 then after upgrade now getting 20¢
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    Xbox Live Launcher Free. Things are slower now because Xbox came out with their own offical app but still since i updated my andromo account my impression have went from 10k/day to lets say 40k. My eCPM was .75 and now its .14. I dont understand this. Should i call Admob or is this on Andromo's end?
  • In the end, it's about how popular your app is and what advertisers are willing to pay. Some weeks its more and some weeks its less. Admob is still the biggest and most trusted Android ad network (owned by Google), but we'll consider other choices in the future if there is a good case for it. If you have questions about your Admob revenue, you should definitely contact Admob/Google as we have no control over it.
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