Andromo is doing good so far. It would be cool and useful if there is a simulator like all other app building websites providing. This will give an idea for users or developers how  the app will look like in the phone and also it will cut down a lot of unnecessary builds. Any support?


  • The problem there is that other app builders are not making 100% Java coded Android apps. They are making "fancy" HTML apps that don't really work, perform, look or act like real Android apps. Since they are just generating web code anyways, they can show a "preview". In fact, if you do see a preview that's a pretty good sign they're not making native Android apps. Apps made with Andromo require the full hardware/OS found on real Android devices to run - hence the problem with showing a preview in your browser... Fortunately, we're running so many servers and have optimized things to write custom code, compile and email your app in just a few minutes, it's not too much of an inconvenience - but we're always working on it, so we'll see what we can do!

  • thanks Colin. hope it can be added in future if possible.
  • Basically the code has to be compiled even to be displayed in a emulator so there is no real advantage in previewing in an emulator.
  • Good; means I truly choose the right way to go! That's terrific.

    (So, why, with my small bit of knowledge, did I choose you? Customer service; your emails are awesome.)

  • OK, I have an idea. Is there a way to just show us a mock up of the colors we've chosen? This would help me a great deal, I could then see my mistakes, and fix them quickly. I shouldn't need to build the app, to correct color schemes. That would improve my build times tremendously! Is this possible? If I could then save named  color schemes, as I can do when getting google adsense code, that would be terrific.
  • Actually this works great for me....

    You can run your Andromo apps on Windows and Mac at full speed, easy to install them as well
  • I agree with ssmayer, I don't need an actual preview of my app. But when selecting colors it would be nice to see it on the screen to see how they go together. It isn't a huge deal, I'm not going to stop using andromo over it for sure. But it would save a few extra builds if I could just prevent ugly color schemes.
  • Straybullet, thanks for the link, I wondered what my app would look like on a tablet.

    Yes, if we could preview and save color schemes, it would be great. I hope this can be done!
  • Actually this works great for me....

    You can run your Andromo apps on Windows and Mac at full speed, easy to install them as well
  • Don't know why this got double posted, but anyways your'e welcome. I hope it helps!
  • We should be able to do some sort of color scheme preview in the future. No promises, but we'll do our best!
  • Good deal! Just this one thing will save test time. I am getting better at it, as I have learned what goes where, but still...
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