How can I copy a project?

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Some of my planned projects would be much easier to do, if I could just copy a project to a new project and change the things as i need it.

I could not find out how to do that. Maybe it is not a feature yet, or is it?




  • It's not a feature now, but it's on the list.
  • I was going to suggest the same thing. It is a good idea that would save time.
  • I'm not trying to belittle the effort involved, but you think this would be one of the easier requests.
  • Is there a plan when this would be possible?
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    I really don't get why a sql record and any associated files could not be duplicated in to a new project. Again I am assuming how Andromo's website is setup, but I am pretty sure its some sort of SQL driven site (and not some flat file system).
    If it is SQL, well your user ID and project config is all stored in tables and that can be replicated.

    Is that crickets I hear......
  • For now, I usually build a project with no ads, then turn on ads and build it again. Saves a lot of steps.

     But yes, we still need to duplicate projects for other reasons.
  • I see several ways for Andromo to solve that. Each of them should be finished within a day - depending how comfortable / features you will include.

    I see following options:
    1. copy an entire project A to B
    2. import an entire project A to B
    3. copy an existing project's activity to a new project
    That would allow you to add activities from project C, and from another project F to your new project

    If you take the first option as a start, it should not take much longer than a cigarette length of time.

    It would be also a boost to make more apps with Andromo and certainly to an increase of paying members.

    BTW, I do not accept excuses, that it cost resources and man power. This a company internal decision and not something to post here.
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