Poor customer service

Is there anyone I can complain to about terrible customer service. It is shocking how support can just ignore your issues and not help you. I have been a paid subscriber for yeas and only just completing my first App. But cannot get a tiny bit of advice that I need to complete it. So wish to complain about the lack of support. Any advice appreciated.



  • Hello.

    I have reviewed your recent cases with support.

    I can see that you have got a definitive answer for two of them and did not get back to us so I conclude that these two questions were fully answered.

    I can see two other cases where it is a bit hard to understand what is the actual question you are asking and what is the problem exactly. I can see that support staff is trying to figure out how to help you but it looks like they fail to grasp what seems to be the problem. Unfortunately, neither do I.

    What I kindly suggest you might do: please list the steps you took that reproduce a problem, what is the expected outcome and what is the actual result you get instead of the expected. This is going to greatly help our support engineers to properly get the scope of the problem and route the question accordingly.

    Hope that helps.

  • If my questions were answered in depth like this then I wouldn't have felt so negative.

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