ETA for PDF activity?


I think that there needs to be support for Google's new licensing model soon, before Google's copyright protection expires:

The other thing that I wonder is when is the ETA for the PDF activity. I read somewhere it would be out in July, but it did not happen. Any news?



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    It was stated late June, then early July. Supposedly it was finished they just had to put up the web side of it.

    I inquired about it week or so ago and they ignored my inquiry, I guess they didn't have an answer we would like. 

    I'm hoping it's coming out soon with a few other features all at once, hence they wanted to get the new features all setup at one time instead of various releases, but that's only wishful thinking.

    Love a custom splash screen, tapit ads support, PDF activity. 

    PS. it also seems the premium features (white label) did not make the timeline either, but I didn't buy the high end subscription.  

    They did manage to update their pricing page with new dates for the special pricing to end.

    So what's going on Andromo?

  • @Straybullet ~ I tagged on to your last post inquiring about PDF I guess I will tag on to this one as well....really looking forward to the feature.

    We really need to know about the new licensing model support as well
  • OK - The PDF Activity is live!
  • ... and it works!
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