add flash?

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how do i add my swf flash game to my app?


  • ... you mean you want to convert it first to HTML5 to make it compatible with Android 4.1 ???
  • There is no FLASH to HTML 5 conversion I am aware of. And Flash requires a Flash player to run (and/or Adobe Air). The issue here is not everyone has it installed and running local Flash files can be a security issue as well.

    You best bet is to convert your Flash project in to an Adobe Air project for stand alone usage, which will negate using Andromo altogether.

    Or you install your game to a website online, use the browser on the phone and hope they have flash installed, but the phones FPS will most likely suck.

    You want to do gaming look into Shiva or Unity 3d, Shiva being a lot better price I have already made Android games with it. Basic4Android is great for other kinds of apps. Andromo is great for quickie apps.

  • I read that Android 4.1 will NOT support flash anymore! - correct me if I am wrong.
    So why do something for the past?

    Flash was anyway the worst what the web could experience - in my opinion.

  • Yes, I'd definitely be wary of using Flash for anything going forward. It's an obsolete technology on both mobile devices and the Web in general. Adobe has essentially ended it...
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