Facebook SDK updated to 5.10


Facebook Audience Network SDK has been updated to 5.10.0. You might want to rebuild and publish update of your Apps that use Facebook Ads.


  • I still don't really understand using Facebook ads. confusing in my opinion. Can you give a detailed explanation of the use of the application? because guidance from Andromo is not detailed. Moreover, there is no analytical related

  • Well, Facebook ads are not serving after the SDK update. I have sent a support email

  • @StudioAppsCreate . yeah, you right dude 😣

  • when are we getting update for Facebook SDK 5.11?

  • EgorEgorov I have updated my older apps (Which are in Google play and had older FAN SDK) with new Facebook Audience SDK.But after the update they are not showing FB audience ads in my apps.But When I create a new app in the builder and monetize it with new FAN SDK.It shows FB Audience Ads.Please fix this issue with older apps immediately.I am loosing daily revenue because of this issue.

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    when are we getting update for facebook SDK 6.0

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