How to reduce andromo apps apk size

Can anyone help me out regarding this. How can I optimize my app?


  • The only way to do this is to have a backend server/API for the content. I've already talked to the Andromo team for years about this. I just lost hope and started coding my own apps. You can either wait on them or learn about apis and coding. I bet you would be able to code and create APIs before they will make this available on Andromo.

  • Hey, guys

    Good news - there will be Firebase storage and Google cloud storage for content management in the new platform which is coming soon.

    This will be enabled for activities with large sizes of content (Photo gallery, Audio player, PDF and Epub reader).

    Stay tuned!

  • @RomanJuly im very disappointed with firebase storage, it loads 10 seconds to open the content is extremely terrible. Why can't all our content upload are hosted in your server so that it will reduce the size of our apk and sync simultaneouly if we upgrade our content in the app?

  • user_#1113190

    Sorry to hear that. Try to choose other region. As Firebase representative said: the first download might take some time, but after that the speed should increase.

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