Source code..

Hey, I'm new here and I'm wondering how to get the source code for the apps created..


  • Hi,

    Currently it is not possible to get the source code for the apps created using Andromo.

  • Mark's correct. Right now we generate all the source code on our servers, compile it and email you the complete and ready to run Android App (.APK).

    If there is enough demand, we could offer a source code service, but so far, you're the only one who has requested it. Are there other Andromo developers who would want to pay for this option? 
  • Yes I would.
  • Id like the sourcecode as well :)
  • i would pay extra for it.
  • Interesting the question was would we want to pay for it :)

    I would like to have access to the source code too. Not sure how much I'd be willing to pay though...
  • Yes, it wouldn't be a cheap option if we were to offer it. Lots of great custom code in there...
  • If the application turned out to be a success in my eyes, yes I would want the source code for it so I would pay for it.
  • I would really like this feature as well please.
  • same here, would love the source code
  • It would depend on what the source code had to offer. Right now Andromo is a great little tool to make some quick easy apps. The only thing Andromo is offering me, right now, that I can't do myself is the AdMobs. I can't figure out how to add them to the apps I create in Eclipse.


    However, if Andromo offers the ability see how AdMobs and Menues are added to a project then it becomes a valuable learning tool that I would pay for. Better still let me add my Eclipse source code to Andromo and then add more Activities, menus and AdMobs, now THAT'S worth $99 per app!

  • Just a quick comment regarding the availability of the Source Code, while there is nothing set in stone, if we were to give access to the sources there is a pretty good chance it would cost a lot more then $99.00.

  • Wishing Andromo would grant access to the source code with the $199 premium feature.

    This would make the overall experience developing an app more worthwhile. Although it is a great service and allows novice developers to make great apps, it is definitely restricting in some sense.
  • I would pay more for the source code.
  • I have an idea. How about having a development userbase that creates modules that can be piped into the internel andromo developers for tweaking the compatibility with the codebase and generation server.
  • If you would "understand" the source code, why would you use Andromo to start with? Wouldn't you just start it by yourself? I doubt that this would be a business model to go with. I might be interested in seeing a sample of the source code, but not to pay for, what I would not use anyway.

    Andromo makes it easy to click and play. An application you can make in minutes, after you made up your mind what you want to present.
    I want to come fast to the point of IoR (Invest on Rerturn). The source code does not give me anything in the near future.
    The 25 US$ monthly fee is in my schedule as soon it is available. Hopefully it is not a paid ads for Andromo. Although I not even want to hide that either. I am happy that the service is available and got me started quickly.

    Instead of knowing how the engine of my car works, I would love to see more features I can use with the entire car!
  • > Hopefully it is not a paid ads for Andromo.

    The new model will let you show 100% of the ads through your Admob account!
  • ... and I don't  have an Admob account, ...
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