Your advertising revenue

What do you earn with your apps?
Just to make sure it's just a hobby for me, it's still interesting to know.

My apps finally make some money, take a look:

(just the last 30 days, so each point represents 24 hour)



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    What kind of app do you run? and do you have any ads turned off or are you allowing all. That's a very good eCPM for the day $1.33, but it's weird that 30 days  eCPM is $0.87 with 1.27% Click through which is extremely high.  And I've never come across anyone making money from only 3,747 impressions, so well done.
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    Well I made pretty good money with Ads but not from Andromo apps, to be honest the ad placement is kind of weak and only having Admob really sucks.   The Andromo devs can really improve in this areas.

    First we should be able to decide if we have the banner ads on top or bottom of the app to prevent ad blindness

    Second we should have other ad networks for example or  - I have made over $7000 in 6 months off of 1 free app with Leadbolt - Tapit I haven't tried much with, but I can see the start-up screen Ad type making a decent return. I have many many apps mostly created with other IDEs outside of Andromo, I signed up with Andromo just to kick it around, really hoping to see it grow in to a very powerful tool.

    I wish Andromo will give us more options to make money with our apps and keep communicating with its customers. I really am truly disappointed in the whole PDF activity (I said this before, just driving it home there is no way to use this for Ads because it launches Adobe reader instead of using a built in display. There are many PDF libs out there and Andromo could have went and created a proper PDF activity)

    In closing
    All in all Andromo can become a very powerful tool, but it has to give its users the ability to make the most money, even if it means a little more dev time adding more ad networks. Because if users can not justify the costs they will move on. Sure you can design apps for businesses and make money (I don't do that myself, I make more doing apps for myself.) I doubt anyone here can say they have made more money with the built in Andromo Admob ads than I have using with Leadbolt with my own coded apps.

  • Well, more ad customization would be nice. Just like you said; top or bottom, how big the ad will be, etc.
  • I'd like to be able to insert my own banner ads.
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    There are many PDF libs out there and Andromo could have went and created a proper PDF activity

    There aren't that many, actually. We found one commercial library, which seemed promising, and scores of free/open source libraries, most of which are based on the same code base; but none of them were really viable.

    After evaluating every option we could find, it became clear that an integrated solution was going to take a very long time. In the end we decided there were other things we could do with that time that would be more beneficial to your apps.

    > more ad customization would be nice. Just like you said; top or bottom, how big the ad will be, etc.

    Those are good ideas, actually. Customization is one of the (many) things we'd like to expand upon.

    > I'd like to be able to insert my own banner ads.

    Have you tried using the Admob house ads feature?
  • Well besides the Admob extras any possibility of other ad networks again... or  both these guys SDk are fairly easy to get going, at least from my experience. 

    I don't want to sound like a broken record, but so many companies just miss the mark on their customer needs. When we make more money with your tools, we are happy to spend more on them, it's a win / win.
  • ... and if we could copy projects to the next project, ... would make it even faster to earn money, ... win+win/win+win  ;-)
  • I agree people have been asking to copy/clone projects for a very long time even longer thatn more ad features. I still have not figured out the huge issue with this.

    I might be down playing this a little bit, but it should be as simple as copying some fields in a database table and letting you choose a new app title during the process.
  • The Youtube activity is a problem as well. It takes people out of your app, and is not very intuitive about how to get back (you tap the area where the dashboard menu normally is, and it takes you to Youtube's main page).
  • I still want to know what the earnings of other users are. :P
  • My Revenue for the last 30 days was 0.99$, so still not very much but getting better with my new app, hopefully :)
  • May i ask which app? ;)
  • Heres one of mine, not doing too bad :)

  • Nice eCPM! I bet you create mainly website based apps?
  • Thanks! That particular app has 5 website links. The other 7 activities are made up of RSS, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, FB etc.
  • That's just from 1 app?
  • May I ask which app exactly?
  • Bumb.  :-$

    So, we´re some months further now. More succes stories? Would love to hear them.
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    here are my AdMob earnings - (the upload doesn't work for me here at the moment). My eCPM seems to be quite low compared to farshight87's - maybe I'm in the wrong niches. I have 10 apps in total.

    And yes, I'm joining in to the request of more quality advertising networks and more ad customization options. I have friends who do custom apps, use a lot of different ad networks and position their ads quite aggressively. It virtually doesn't make an impact on ratings, but it dramatically improves their earnings.
  • THe only reason I would like more Ad Networks is to use various different Google Play accounts to upload hundreds/thousands of APPs without being worried one massive account will go down. It's not something I wanted to do, but I've heard too many horror stories.

    So I can't use Admob on all those other accounts, apart from my main account for obvious reasons ^_^

    Admob for me is at $25-30 a day atm :D And Recently with MobPartner and YeahMobi I have had $30-40 dollar days together with Admob. Not bad!

    Today I'm already at $21.84 with YeahMobi, and $15 for Admob, and it's 4:20 PM so far ;>

    I expect today to end at $60-100 due to being a sunday!
  • @lookzor YeahMobi? what´s that? and how do you integrate it to Andromo?

  • YeahMobi is a network like MobPartner or OfferMobi. Too many people are focusing on just ad revenue. I'd say the most important feature that comes with andromo is the Website Activity. I use it to refer users to offers that these networks provide :) 

    Also using the airbop service they provide to notify my users of these offers. I do both game installs and E-mail submits with mobile networks. Which are just offers like in CPA but with mobile optimized pages.

    Btw, I have a few hours left according to the YeahMobi clock, and I'm currently at $53 for the day, and just sent out a massive notification to my 40k+ users so I think for today I will earn $70-80 on just YeahMobi and my Admob revenue for today was $30.70 ^_^! So going to be a $100+ day woooohooo :D
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    dude that´s awesome, excellent. you are an inspiration for Andromo users.

  • @lookzor: Congrats! It's good to know that such figures are possible.

  • Here's the proof for anyone wanting to see what type of offers I'm promoting. Atm I'm doing Candy Crush as it converts really well for me, and the day ended on $62 for YeahMobi, but on Admob I made $39 putting me at $101. Don't want to post Admob though as they are strict about posting earnings sometimes = )


  • @lookzor
    how do you sign up for yeahmobi?


    Go to the bottom, they have contact details ;>
  • Thanks! I emailed them just now. :)

  • @lookzor I wanted to ask, for what I see Airbop is a crucial key in your strategy, did it improve your revenue?

    Cause I had never think about using airbop cause I didn´t see the point, but I guess it is actually really important, or I am wrong?

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