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  • It's currently not my main source of income, but if I send out a message it adds to my income if I promote an install offer etc. 

    The bigger the list gets, the more it makes per message!
  • Lookzor....You use the same PC and internet connection to use your different accounts? I was banned and create another account but I have some fear of being discovered.
  • @lookzor hey i just got an email from yeahmobi, they are looking for a contact referral. If its not too much can you help me with this?
  • @mastermx: If I may ask, why were you banned?
  • @hendrixs I made an app with webview to and this was banned, unfortunately already had an average income of $ 600 dlls monthly.

    I will edit and modify my other app and forward with my other account, I hope someday regain the level of income.
  • @mastermx: Unbelievable. =I Thanks for sharing, tho. May I ask why did you make a link to

    I wish you luck and I'm very sure you'll find a way to get those earnings back.
  • Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I'm curious again what everybody's earnings are? (monthly?). Mine are 700-800$ dollar a month.
  • @mobilegameplay that's pretty impressive for a hobby! is that the revenue from total of your app? how many apps do you have? and how is it going with the advertisement?

    I've been using andromo for 2 weeks, releasing 4 apps with ads. so far I got $3 LOL. not been able to spend much time into it lately, but it's a hobby and I enjoy it!
  • @mobilegameplay how you did it?
    True @irfanarghi , I had a tough time beginning but I make around 50 to 60.
  • @irfanarghi It's from all my apps. 15 Apps with advertising on it, but only 8 or so are getting some real revenue.

    But remember guys, it takes time. My apps were online since 2012 and revenue increased slowly.
  • Okay, thank you @mobilegameplay.
    Which ads you use ... Is it admob?
  • Jep, Admob, only banner ads.
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