Who Uses Google+

Just a quick poll to see how many of our Andromo users use Google+?

Google+ has some really interesting features like Hangouts (video chats with multiple people) that I thought might be a good way for us at Andromo to interact with some of our users.

if enough people seem to be using it, maybe we'll setup a video hangout sometime.

You can see out Google+ Andromo page here: https://plus.google.com/101198099379799284669/posts



  • That would be super cool. If we can get enough people on our Google+ Andromo page, it would be fun to do some video chats etc. Share some ideas with Andromo users, developers, etc.

    What does everyone think? Good idea or not?
  • Im up for it.. let me know.
  • I use it as well
  • Well add the Andromo page to your circle, and add a comment so that we know who you are and we'll ad you back.

    If we can drum up enough interest we'll have a hangout.

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    I use Google+ too, and love the idea the start a hangout with Andromo users. 
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    that would be AWESOME!
  • That's good to hear. Make sure to add Andromo to your pages, if you don't get added back ping me and I'll make sure it happens.

    Also what times and days generally work for everyone? If we were going to do a hangout I'd like to ensure that as many people as possible can participate.

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