Paid Updates or New App?

Hi there,

First off, gotta say this thing is amazing.

I'm thinking of using this to distribute magazine content, using the HTML Archive activity. We're also doing a physical publication of the mag every quarter.
I'm thinking there will be two ways of doing this going forward - and I'm not sure if the second is possible using this tech?

1 - Release an entirely new app for each issue. This seems the easiest way to go, but some users may not want multiple apps clogging up their directory. Not a massive problem as it's only quarterly, but it would be more costly for us ($199 per issue).

2 - Release paid updates to the app. The biggest problem I can see with this (if it's even possible) is that I would only want the issues that have been paid for to appear in the app. So for example if the user wants issue 2 but hasn't got issue 1, is it possible to only show issue 2 in the app?

What would you advise?

Many thanks in advance.



  • Hey Andy,

    >> First off, gotta say this thing is amazing.

    Thanks! Lots of hard work went into it, so it's really cool to hear when people dig it.

    As to your question, first off, it sounds like a really cool use of Andromo.

    Option #1 seems like your best bet to me. Option #2 would be quite difficult to pull off given that you want to only sell access on an issue-by-issue basis. I'm not sure how that could be accomplished using the features of Andromo the way it is right now.

    The concern about having to install different apps for different issues isn't that big of a deal in my mind - and that's simply because it sounds like each issue has some significant value - it stands on its own so to speak.

    Provided that you expect to sell more than the $99 fee for a Gold Package upgrade (the intro price will be on for a while still) - which obviously isn't much of a challenge for most apps - it's definitely the easiest way to go to turn your content into native Android apps. We're also looking at selling 'multipacks' of Gold Package credits in the future, as we're getting lots of people making dozens of apps...

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up. Be sure to let us know where you take this. Sounds really cool!

  • Hi Colin,

    Thanks very much for the quick reply. I think you're right, option #1's the way to go, so I'm really glad the upgrade's staying at $99 for a while yet - awesome value. Also, great idea for the mutipacks.

    Glad you think it sounds cool, will definitely keep you updated. Aiming to get issue 1 out some time in February.

  • Awesome. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  • I was also looking to use this builder to create magazine style apps. I would be really interested in a multi-gold package license style deal. It does grate a little bit having to pay even $99 a pop for converting a fully structed html package which isn't particularly dynamic and then doing that monthly (at least). Obviously it's still cheaper than printing/physical distribution, guess I'll have to see how sales go.
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