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I've produced apps before with the map activity writing in the address, which then automatically found the latitued and longitude with no issues.

I've not done anything for a couple of months. Just started a new App, this time when I've put the address in, the same way as I did before it's not found the Latitude and Longitude, and not registered on the map.  I copied and pasted the address from one of my existing projects which had no problem, the same happens... it doesn't find the location.  I then obtained the co-ordinates from Google maps which did the trick. However for me to go through that process (Obtaining the co-ordinates from Google Maps) for a hundred address's makes the the excercise extremely tedius and long winded.

Has something gone down?  Is it a temparary issue?  Has anyone else experienced the problem? Am I missing something?

Gratfull for any advise or guidence...





  • - After posting the above on the forum, I now get co-ordinates, but with multiple address's only the one flag appears! So I built the app to see what would happen on the phone. My location being the United kingdom the map appeared when the activity was executed on the phone.. but the single English address that registerd a red marker was in America!!!!! Now I'm confused. Can anyone please advise?



  • The map service provider we were using for the address lookup became unavailable, we had to switch to another provider. It should be working correctly now though?
  • I am getting this same issue today
  • Hi There, I am facing the same problem. My guess is that the provider only supports locations within the US?

  • The current provider does support locations outside the US, but they seem to be having problems with some addresses. Colin's aware of the issue and is looking into it.

    The best workaround is to use another service such as Google maps to get the latitude and longitude for the location you want, and then enter the coordinates directly (without using the address lookup).

    Having global address data is important to us, but finding a reliable map provider is proving difficult...we've gone through several of them so far.

  • Hi together,

    I found the solution. Instead typing the usual address into the line "Address*", simply fill in the Latitude/longitude coordinates of the place you wish to add. They have to be seperated by seperated with a "," . Example:
    51.5099102,-0.1348425999999563  would point to the Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London.

  • Issue's still there today
    Hopefully resolved soon -
    With hundreds of address's to input for a specific project, I dread having to look up the latitude/logitude for each one on Google maps, and then re-writing the address's with the lat/long results into Andromo

    Fingures crossed
  • im having same problems  .....please sort andromo....i havent got the time to input 520 locations by lat/long :(
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    Trying out ‘jankb’s’ solution for which I’ve inserted some screen

    1. Open Google Maps entering your post/zip code
    2. Write click on resulting red pin and on the drop down menu
      select Lat/Long
    3. Highlight the lat/long that appears in the resulting taper
      and write click then copy (If in Chrome – the copy facility appears when
      selecting the icon in the top right hand corner – Make sure the Lat/Long is
      highlighted though)
    4. Go to Andromo map activity and paste into the ‘ADDRESS LINE’  not the lat/long boxes
    5. When you save, the figures will reappear in the correct
      Lat/long section, plus the map and red pin will update at the bottom

    Seems like a long way around but actually took me less then 30
    seconds, and will keep us going on the map activities, while giving our Andromo
    guys some breathing space to look into it. 

    Thanks for the interim solution ‘jankb’ I’m back to creating

    Hope the screen captures below are clear enough... 




  • Hey Folks,

    I believe that we have a fix for the international address Lat/Lon lookups in place. It's taken awhile to find a new data provider that supported more address, but I've been successful in entering a number of the addresses you provided and getting what looks like a correct geolocation on them.

    Additionally, it is now easier to change the Latitude and Longitude values manually if you need to. Previously, it seems like the 'auto' lookup was always trying to overwrite the manually entered values. This is now fixed as well.

    Thanks for your patience and let me know if there are any troubles with the new data.

  • Saved me a heap of work yesterday, good job I looked in prior to adding my 100+ map locations. Grerat work fellas!
  • Sorry, for clarity. Entering the postcode now gives a pretty accurate Lat/long value in most instances for mne here in the UK :)
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