Cancel the automatic renewal of monthly subscriptions from the Visa Card account

I do not want to automatically renew the monthly subscription ... I want to delete the visa card from the account? How is that ??


  • SaharShahatit

    To stop auto renewal of your subscription, please log in to,

    click on the top right button, then click on the Account menu, click ‘’Edit profile’’, then scroll down and click ‘’More’’ and finally click on the

    Cancel button (but NOT "Delete my account" button) on panel with your subscription plan

    details and expiration date.

    Please, keep in mind, that after subscription cancellation:

    1) interstitial ads stops to be displayed in your apps immediately, after you subscription is expired.

    2) your apps will be deleted from Andromo system after 6 month (12 month for Ultra

    subscription plan) if you will not renew subscription during this period.

    3) your apps will keep working in Google Play Market until some crucial updates will be required.

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