How to Reduce Total App Size?

One thing I am discovering is that no one is talking about the total app size. For example, previously with v2 almost 95% app size was less than 5MB of every single app. But with v3 after building those same apps showing 17-18MB. This is really strange and as a result, I am losing 60-70% of my new and old users. So, kindly request to my loving andromo developers pls think about it how can we reduce the total app size files. Hopefully, with time you will be looking into it also. I am eagerly waiting for a reply from andromo developers. Also pls raise your hands if any andromo users agrees with my point then share your thoughts too. Attention pls  @RomanJuly and @EgorEgorov 😍


From a Yearly Ultra Plan User


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    i am agree with you @JamesScott i appreciate team if they solve this.

    Dear @RomanJuly @EgorEgorov can you explain how it became bigger than v2. which component make it heavy!

    Can Andromo provide any options in future to make it small like previous.


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