Paid access to content for Android and iOS apps available!

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Dear friends!

We continue to add new features to Andromo and want to announce a new cool moneymaking feature: Paid Access to content.

You can use it both for Android and iOS apps!


In-app payments for Android -

In-app payments for iOS -

Feel free to share your experience and we wish you more earnings with this feature!

Also, keep in mind that this is beta and conditions for using might be

Your, Andromo


  • @RomanJuly Thanks Andromo Team for adding this feature. I appreciate this feature a lot. However Please consider adding this In-App Purchase feature to activities like Custom Page Activity, RSS Feed, E-Book Activity, PDF Activity and Podcast Activity as well. Then we will be able to sell our own Premium eBooks, articles and tell our users to subscribe to our own podcast streams as well. Currently I only see this feature in Images and Audio Player activities. Hope you guys consider this suggestion.

  • AndroidKing

    Thank you for kind words.

    We will add this feature to other activities as well.

  • @RomanJuly the search feature is still not working. It's not good to have content apps without search. Users will complain and the app will barely be discoverable on the platforms. Adding in app purchases with no search is like a car without wheels.

  • Please try to add firebase cloud message or push notification service in Andromo.It is very useful service

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