Android Market Upload Error

Anyone having any luck uploading graphics in the developer console? I just paid the $25 fee but I constantly get a "Unable to parse response" error when attempting to upload the required graphics. No fun at all.


  • I haven't needed to upload anything in a while, but my guess it was just a temporary glitch, maybe traffic related. If you experience the same problem today, you may want to shoot the market people an email in case they don't know about the issue.
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    I've mailed the dev support people several times and all you get back is the generic "consult our knowledge base to solve your problem" gibberish. From what I've researched, this has been the norm for quite awhile now and prospective Android App developers should bear this in mind--just because you've written an app and paid your money to Google doesn't mean you'll get to upload it to the market any time soon. I really don't care for the way they treat their developers. I've read that people who have paid their $25 still don't have access to the market WEEKS later. What happens is you get a "Your Registration to the Android Market is still being processed" error whenever you log in. You can upload your application, but you will receive a bogus "Unable to parse response" error whenever you try to upload the required support graphics, which also means you can't save any other data since it requires those files in order to proceed. Apparently, those errors disappear when your registration is finally processed, whenever that may be.

    Silly, and unacceptable. I can say that after 25 years of working, developing and doing business on the internet, this is the absolute worse customer support from any business entity I have yet to encounter. And you have no available avenue (other than their deaf email) to voice your problems and concerns.

    Andromo is a brilliant concept beautifully executed, but we users are forced to walk a gauntlet of ineptitude by Google in order to market our creations. Sad, but true.

  • Hey Mike,

    >> Andromo is a brilliant concept beautifully executed

    Thanks very much for the compliment.

    As for the Android Market stuff:
    What browser are you using to upload to the Android Market? And what OS?

    Might be helpful for anyone else running into the same problem.

    Google definitely could improve the Android Market, but don't give up - I can understand it's frustrating to run into issues like that, but in the end you'll get your app in front of millions of people... There are 400,000 some apps on the Android Market, so eventually you'll be able to get it uploaded!

    They really should have better support for that though...

    Keep us updated. We'll keep making Andromo better!

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    I tried using the latest versions of Firefox, IE and Chrome on my XP box. None has worked. If and when I ever get through I'll be sure to post any observations readers may find valuable in establishing their market accounts.

    I appreciate your support. If only Google was a good as Andromo...

  • Well, believe it or not I just got approved, but now Andromo isn't emailing builds tonite!

    Just shoot me.
  • Good to here Mike! Make sure you post back a link to your app so everyone can check it out!

    The build system is rolling along - a bit of a queue issue for a couple apps last night, but we've been rocking all day!

  • You can find it here:


    Thanks for your help.
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