why not let users test the app builder before you start billing?

What is your conversion rate when asking for $$$ before users can test? Unless you want limited number of users on your system, I can assure you that offering free testing of the script will bring your site more referred traffic, more income, and higher quality boards. Not offering free access will just make potential sales goto google and do a search or goto h33t.com piratebay isohunt etc etc etc and get a free version on the local machine and never return. you are missing hosting and tech support bonus money... keep it ultra cheap/free and you will build a quality and loyal user base.
charging after account created, with no notice is a bad way to start a relationship.  note this: if your current collected email addresses is use in advertisement or used in any type of spam via this company or others will hurt your overal trust factor.

Above is only to help you, I have been doing this since 1984 on a 300 baud modem.
best of luck,


  • Andromo is different than all the other app makers out there that generate simple HTML template apps. We generate actual Java source code and compile it into a standalone native-code Android app on-demand. We also don't tie that app into some sort of hosted/server authorization scheme, that shuts your app down if you don't keep up your monthly payments like some of our 'competitors'. So, that's the basic reason we also require you to have a subscription to build an app.

    However! We hear you. We're looking into ways to let you build a sample app for trying it out. Keep your eyes on our blog or Twitter over the next few weeks, as that's where we'd announce those sort of things first.

    Also - we never spam or sell your email address, and our prices are *super* cheap - only $8.25 per month on a yearly subscription for unlimited app creation. Our 'competitors' with the HTML based pseudo apps charge from $79-$499 per app per month...

    Thanks very much for the comments - they help us improve and keep wowing you!
  • Hi guys,

    I'm super happy with your services and I didn't mind to "risk" those $25 just to try Andromo. Andromo is by far the best (very simple and VERY affordable), so just please keep things as they are. :) I'm on a yearly plan ($8 per month) and no other service can compare with you. I especially like that we can publish our app on Google Play and that we don't need active subscriptions just that our apps remain "live". That's a big NO-NO for me and another reason why I use Andromo.

    THANK YOU!! :)
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