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  • Hi guys, just a quick update: The effect of Tapgage on AdMob CTR is lower now and the eCPM is getting better. I had so far 2170 impressions, 533 clicks, revenue is $2.72 and eCPM is at $1.25.
  • @Turbomike Thanks for the patience. The Full Screen Ads should be working now. You should start seeing impressions on the full screen ads and such. If you don't please do let me now and I can take a deeper look into it. Also the other thing we have discussed about over email I am still looking into it for you and may have a solution very soon. 

    @hendrixs We are looking to bring in Exit Ads and are actively in talks with the Patent owners of the Exit Ad Technology. Yes we are actively still working on getting more Advertisers in the system. If your usually seeing the same Ad in your app it usually means that probably is the most top converting ad for your app at the current moment. Some ways you can help us is by spreading the word about Tapgage. The more traffic we get the more advertisers we can attract. Also if you know of anyone looking to Advertise on Mobile referring them to Tapgage would be awesome. Giving us feedback and suggestions on things we should be working on. Also if you have any questions that you need answered right away you can just simply shoot me an email at Arfan (at) Tapgage (dot) com and I will try my best in replying to it within 24 hours. 

    @tholyoak I am sorry to hear that. Yes currently we are working on allowing the developer to select the category of ads they want to display within their apps. Can you give me your apps name? Beter yet can you shoot me an email at Arfan (at) Tapgage (dot) com and I can take a look into your revenue and more into the ads for you. 

  • @arfan_tapgage Thanks for your reply, it's appreciated. I'll stick with you guys and do my best to help you the best I can.
  • @arfan_tapgage I've already removed Tapgage from my apps. I'll get in touch with you if I decide to put it back in.
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    @arfan_tapgage ; Here's a screenshot update.  I'm pleased.  :)    The new advertisements are doing well.

  • turbomike Great numbers, how many apps you have with tapgage to obtain this results.

    Regards from mexico.
  • What apps work best with tapgage? So far I haven't made anything with them.
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    I had 1750 impressions in the last 3 days, 400 clicks, and 0 earnings. In my apps, there is also more or less the same ad shown (Mighty Monsters).

    I'm staying with them in 2 of my apps, but until I see some improvement (like CPC adverting, higher eCPM, more different ads,...) I won't be implementing Tapgage in my new apps. I get 2 or 3x better eCPM from simple AdMob ads than from full-page interstitial ads.
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    @mastermx I really only have two apps that are carrying all the weight. The others just don't do enough volume to make more than a few bucks/mo. 

    Believe it or not, that Scout app add was probably my best on and it is rarely shown now.  I can't sell a game to save my life.  My apps tend to lean toward the 'sexy' side of things though. ;)

    Overall numbers are down BUT, I do utilize House ads quite a bit. I do pretty good using affiliate links and run my own interstitials as well.  BTW, I just got my first Direct Advertiser, my wife and her cosmetics line, but hey... She owes me 5 bux from 3 days worth of .01 cent per click advertising. lol  j/k sorta :P

  • @arfan_tapgage Could we focus more sexy/adult oriented ads on my two major apps instead of games etc.  From testing, the dating sites, locate your partner, find your phone type ads work well.  A checkbox for "sexy" ads would be perfect. I would uncheck most everything else if I could.  Like i said before, i can barely give away a free game it seems.  lol

    Thanks for the great support.  Either way, I will continue to use Tapgage for sure. 

     Lots of flexibility...don't count them out till you've used House Ads at least.  It's FREE and you might be surprised at the results. :)

  • Hi, did anyone have try to use house ads on Tapgage?
    I made the campaigns, and selected my apps where I am going to show them, but Since yesterday I haven´t got an impression.

    Is there a tutorial for the House ads or something that could help me?

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